Myths vs factS


1. "Lucky" people have better chances to win at gambling.
Fact: There's no “luck” involved. Each outcome is always random.

2. "Cold" machines that haven't paid out in a while are due to pay out. 
Fact:  The outcomes are always random, every time.

3. "Hot" machines that have been paying off all day will likely continue paying off.
Fact:  The outcomes are always random, every time.

4. If you lose at first, just keep playing and you'll win it back. 
Fact: “Chasing” a win often leads to losing more and more.

5.  You can't get addicted to an activity the way you can to a substance.
Fact: Addiction happens in the brain, and can be in response to substances OR activities.

6. You have to have money to become a problem gambler. 
Fact: There’s no dollar amount threshold to have a gambling problem.

7. There is no treatment for problem gambling-you just need to stop.
Fact: There are evidence-based treatments for gambling addiction, and most people who seek treatment benefit from it.

8. Casinos cheat to get your money
Fact: They don't have to.

9. You need a good "system" to win at slots.
Fact:  The outcomes are always random, every time.

10. Using good luck charms will increase your chances of winning. 
Fact: There's no “luck” involved. Each outcome is always random.

11. There are books and websites that can help you learn to be a better slot player. 
Fact: There are no “experts” at Electronic Gaming Machines. The outcomes are always random, every time.

12. Problem gamblers are bad at math.
Fact: Many problem gamblers are actually great at math. Unfortunately, the random outcomes of gambling cannot be predicted.

13. If you keep track of when a machine typically pays off, you can increase your chances of winning. 
 Fact: Casinos can’t set up the machines to pay at particular times of the day or week

14. Casinos pump oxygen in to make you stay longer. 
Fact: Casinos don’t pump oxygen in to make you stay longer and spend more.

15. If you don't gamble every day, you aren't a problem gambler. 
Fact: Some problem gamblers wager sporadically or on a binge. Many do not play every day.

16. If you keep track of winning symbols and near-misses can figure out when the machine will pay out. 
Fact: You cannot increase your odds at the slots by keeping track of the lemons and other symbols

17. As long as you can pay your bills, your gambling problem hasn't gotten bad yet. 
Fact: Problem gambling isn't defined by how much money you've spent, but by the fact that you continue spending time and money in spite of negative consequences. 

18. Kids can't become problem gamblers.
Fact: Studies have shown that youth are 2-4 times more likely than an adult to show problem gambling symptoms. 

19. You can tell by looking at someone they have a gambling problem.
Fact: Gambling addiction is often called the silent disorder, because unlike with substance abuse you cannot see or smell it.

20. Gambling is less harmful than many other ways to cope with stress.
Fact: The emotional, financial, and even physical toll of problem gambling can ruin people’s lives.

21. Gambling addiction isn't as serious as other addictions.
Fact:  Gambling addiction has the highest rate of suicide among all addictions. 

22. If you can find someone to pay off your gambling debts, you'll have a clean slate and be on your way to recovery.
Fact: Most problem gamblers say that getting a "bailout" only enables them to continue gambling.

23. The more money you bet, the more likely you are to win.
Fact: This idea is not supported by math.

24. Machines located in certain locations in a casino are more likely to pay out. 
Fact: Slot machines near the doors and aisle don’t pay more often than others

25. Men are more likely to become problem gamblers.
Fact: Gambling addiction is an equal opportunity addiction. In WV, about half of the callers to 1-800-Gambler are females. 

26. If you are a problem gambler, at least you are only hurting yourself.
Fact: Too many times, the loved ones of a problem gambler suffer as well.

27. Letting kids gamble isn't like buying them beer or cigarettes.
Fact: In most cases, it is illegal for underage children to gamble. Most problem gamblers report that they started gambling at an early age, and children are especially susceptible to the misconception that create gambling problems. 

28. Games like Bingo aren't really gambling. 
Fact:  Any game involving wagering money is gambling.

29. You can't have "withdrawal" from stopping gambling.
Fact:  Many problem gamblers report becoming restless or irritable when they aren't playing.

30. Gambling addiction is very rare.
Fact.  Studies have shown that around 1% of the population has a severe gambling addiction and another 2-3% show symptoms of problem gambling.

31. To overcome a gambling addiction, you have to find a 28-day in-patient facility.
Fact:  Most problem gamblers are successfully treated on an out-patient basis.

32. Gamblers Anonymous is just a bunch of people sitting around telling stories about how much they lost.
Fact:  Like other 12-step programs, GA revolves around a group of like-minded people encouraging each other in recovery.

33. You'll never win if you don't play.
Fact: Okay, technically not a myth, but remember the more likely mantra "You'll never lose if you don't play."

34. If you spend a dollar on a lottery ticket, you may at least win a dollar, so you're ahead.
Fact: Think about that for a minute.

35. People who win the lottery live happily ever after.
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36. If the Roulette Wheel has landed on red several times in a row, bet on black because it's due to come up.
Fact: Read Classic Gambler's Fallacy

37. If you pay attention to patterns, you are more likely to win. 

38. A "near miss" indicates you were about to win.